Alion Ltd behind the fashion brand Jolier announces a new CEO, Ilaria Heikkilä. Ilaria starts in her new lead position immediately.

Jolier is the answer for conscious customers in the search of sustainable and ethical clothing. Fashion has been lately declared dead and it’s true for several reasons: mass production is unethical and polluting the environment. Fortunately things can be done differently. Finnish fashion brand Jolier has brought ethical fashion to the customers since 2008. The garments are high quality and stand the test of time.

“The core idea of Jolier is quality design, sustainability and ethical production. Each garment is either reversible or transformable and adjustable in size”, tells Jolier’s new CEO Ilaria Heikkilä. Before Jolier Heikkilä lived in Milan for four years. She got her degree in fashion design and styling.

“After I graduated I thought about changing my area of work. I felt uneasy thinking about all the pollution the fashion manufacturing was causing, unethical working environments in the factories and the unreal beauty standards. In the end I realized that the only way to change things was doing it from inside the fashion scene. I believe in Jolier’s values and I know that customers want ethical fashion.”

Jolier’s clothes are designed in Finland and manufactured in Estonia. The style is classic yet playful thanks to the transformable parts. There is an outfit suitable for any occasion and any body type. “We want to invest on research and high quality design. We design ethical and at the same time beautiful fashion.” The fashion industry nowadays is a race in who manages to produce fashion collections faster. On the other side there is the future’s megatrend: ecological and ethical fashion. In today’s busy and stressful lifestyle and due to the environmental challenges, we need to slow down, seek for quality and consume less.

Heikkilä shares her ideas for the future of the company: “We will concentrate on internationalization, sales and marketing globally and there will be some exciting changes regarding the next collections.”

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