Warmest autumn greetings everybody! 🍁🍂 The fall colours are currently everywhere in Finland! If you want to stand out there’s still some Black-Red / Green and Golden dresses in stock 🙂 We’ve continuously noticed the fact that the Black/Grey Reversible clothes have been sold out, some models as pre-orders even before when the re-stock has arrived, and we’ve been asked for more. Other colours have taken some time longer to find their customers. Therefore in the next re-stock we’ll radically increase the amount of Black/Grey Reversible clothes with the same investment that would go to the other colours. -Be prepared since this just might bring a challenge during the holiday season when the Black/Red and Black/Green clothes stock will be smaller than before. If you want to wear Red/Green/Gold colours during the Christmas and New year, purchase one of the remaining dresses on our web store or pre order rapidly with a -10% discount when the re-stock campaign begins. We want to deliver what’s asked from us the most and always maximise the size of the re-stocking orders. -When a single colour / model is sold out, we don’t immediately order for more in small quantities to reduce environmental pollution from the logistics of fabrics and clothes. This might sound like a small thing, but imagine if all the brands would do the same, not to mention stepping off from the seasonal design and delivery routine. This would cut down the pollution significantly… The smallest things do matter and to us slow actually means slow 😉 -We believe that reaching a slow fashion top brand position can’t be achieved quickly… This is something we’re committed to! Lastly as a very important news, we now have dedicated regional managers for retail- and PR inquires in the Nordics, UK, USA, France, Germany, Spain and LatAm countries. Visit jolier.com/contact and feel free to share the info if you have the right connection in mind! Thank you and wishing you to have a wonderful weekend!

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