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FI-02200 Espoo, Finland
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International Sales & PR
+358 50 309 9887

Country Manager & PR – Nordics, UK and USA

Retail and PR inquiries:
Jukka Planman

Country Manager & PR – France and Germany

Demandes au détail / Einzelhandelsanfragen:
Sandra Mittica

Country Manager & PR – Spain and LatAm

Consultas minoristas:
Laura Rueda

Investor relations

Chairman: Jukka Planman

Adviser: Signe Viimsalu

Deliveries on demand

Restock orders for JOLIER clothing collections are placed more quickly when there is demand to match the minimum order quantities from our factory. Please send us your wishes via email to info (at) This also allows us to lower the cloth prices, because there is no need to add storage costs to the price of the garment. In addition, we handle the orders entirely in-house, so the cost of third-party e-commerce service provider has not been added.

Innovative multi-purpose, high-quality collections are available throughout the seasons to give your clothing a longer life span. With these values ​​and actions, we strive to provide long-term value to the people who use our collections. We want to act in an environmentally friendly way and support ethical decisions in our society.

If you would like to purchase JOLIER products, follow upcoming shipments and contact us at info (at) to place an order.