Our Values

We want to ensure that everything we do is transparent and done with integrity. Our values include supporting Sustainable development and Development ethics. We take these values to action by offering multi-use clothing collections. Manufacturing of the collections is done in good working conditions also providing the collections high quality. The innovative multi-use and high quality collections are available over seasons for a fuller life cycle. With these values and actions we strive to provide long lasting value to the people wearing our collections, act in an environmentally-friendly manner and support our society by ethical decisions.


Transformable and sustainable fashion brand

The innovative Jolier collections are based on the core values of transformability, size adjustability and sustainable design. Jolier clothes are either transformable or reversible and have two pieces in one. Jolier’s timeless, beautifully shaped designs are finished off with sophisticated details.

Jolier clothes come in adjustable multi-fitting size and are designed to complement a woman’s figure. For example one skirt fits to five sizes (XS-XL). Jolier collections are manufactured in Finland and Estonia with high quality standards and available throughout seasons.


JOLIER Reversible – line consists of two sided clothes. By simply turning the piece inside out you can change its color, for example from black to white. Reversible collection includes dresses, skirts and jackets.

JOLIER Transformable – consists of the clothes that transform easily by buttons. For example from maxi to mini or from wide to pencil and the sleeves from short to long. Transformable collection includes dresses.

JOLIER ONE – an innovative fashion wonder, it is a one piece garment that can be used in 56 different ways. It can be worn as a skirt, top, bolero, tunics and much more. The one size adjustable garment is manufactured ecologically in Finland – leaving no leftovers in the process.